Dr. LaJoyce Brookshire, N.D.

The "Good" Doctor

Classical Naturopathic Doctor * Master Herbalist * Doctor of  Naturopathic Ministry

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Classical Naturopathic Philosophy


A classical naturopathic doctor deals with everything that is in nature to help keep you well. I deal in holistic approaches to sickness and disease starting with building and maintaining the immune system and proper levels of acidity. I too, strongly believe that the power that made the body, heals the body. God made an
awesome healing machine when He made you. When you give the body what it needs, it will repair itself. We receive 3 million new cells each day - the question is to what environment are your new cells entering? It is really up to you.

This proves a very simple ideology - we don't inherit diseases, we eat ourselves to our diseases.

I consider it a privilege to be counted amongst the doctors that Hippocrates spoke of in this statement:

"the doctor of the future will give no medicine, but treat the sick with everything in nature."




  • The Healing Power of Nature. Classical Naturopathy contends that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself and, when working at an optimal level, the body will ward off disease. Classical Naturopathy is intended to help your body do just that. 
  • Treat the Whole Person. Classical Naturopaths work from the perspective that health and disease are more than just germs and infection. Mental, physical, spiritual, and environmental factors each play a role. Classical Naturopaths take all of these factors into consideration when developing treatment. So, where a conventional health care professional may prescribe medication to suppress symptoms, a Naturopath looks for alternative approaches because the goal is to restore health, and not just the immediate illness.
  • First, Do No Harm. This tenet is, of course, part of the Hippocratic Oath taken by physicians. Traditionally, naturopathy focuses on gentle, non-invasive therapies that enhance the healing process. It is this principle that underlies the reluctance to turn immediately to drugs for a cure. Classical Naturopaths generally avoid methods that merely relieve symptoms without addressing the cause. This is the foundation of another principle:
  • Identify the Cause. Instead of treating symptoms, Classical Naturopaths seek to identify and treat the underlying cause. Symptoms are not the cause of illness--they simply indicate that your body is out of balance. The cause is often more difficult to identify. It could be anything from a vitamin or mineral deficiency to an emotional problem. By identifying and addressing (or removing) the cause, the symptoms can be relieved rather than suppressed.
  • Prevention. Classical Naturopaths place great emphasis on preventive care. Classical Naturopaths assess your risk factors and make suggestions that will support your good health.
  • The Classical Naturopath as Teacher. Classical Naturopaths view ourselves as teachers to teach patients how to take responsibility for their own health, so that you and everyone in your circle can be whole. This may involve suggesting nutritional, emotional, dietary, or other lifestyle changes.

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